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Before you can file for bankruptcy, you must determine which type is best for you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for individuals or families who cannot afford to make any payments back to their creditors whatsoever, while Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows for some minimal payments to be required. The means test is a uniform formula that is applied to everyone who files for bankruptcy, meant to standardize the bankruptcy process, reserving Chapter 7 only for those who need it most. The means test can be complicated and the paperwork cumbersome, so contact a Metairie bankruptcy lawyer today to crunch the numbers for you.

Bacchus Law Group, LLC is able to guide you through your means test process and will make sure you choose the plan that is right for you. Our attorneys will always provide you with unmatched personal service, making sure your needs are met and your questions answered. After your means test is complete, our lawyers will also aid you with your credit restoration and put an end to any creditor harassment you may still be experiencing. After serving hundreds of clients every year, our firm is ready to ready to advise you on making the best choices during this difficult financial time.

The Two-Step Process

Completing the means test is a two-step process that your LaPlace bankruptcy attorney will know how to navigate. Step one is a median income comparison, which calculates your yearly family income and compares that to the median income in your state for a family of the same size. The median family income will vary depending on where you live, and your bankruptcy lawyer will be able to tell you if you fall above or below the number for your area. If you land above the median income, you continue on to step two, which is calculating disposable income and unsecured debts. This process determines how much, if any, disposable income is available to be paid back to your creditors. Though it may sound daunting, our attorneys will make sure you understand everything and find the right financial plan for you.

Contact a LaPlace lawyer to find out what kind of bankruptcy is right for you. Our bankruptcy attorney can serve clients in Mandeville, Covington, and St. Tammany Parish and the surrounding areas.

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