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Restore Your Credit After Bankruptcy

There is a common bankruptcy myth that states that your credit will be ruined for 10 years once you have completed the bankruptcy process. While your credit will be impacted, it will not be ruined, and any effects are unlikely to last for 10 years. There are steps you can take that may repair your credit much sooner than that, and possibly enable you to secure credit or loans soon after the bankruptcy process. Some of these steps include:

  • Devising a tight budget and enforcing it - By sticking to a budget, you can greatly reduce the risk of accumulating unmanageable debt
  • Use automatic payment plans for your bills - Timely, consistent bill payments can significantly improve your credit score over time
  • Obtain new credit in moderation - Once able, you should obtain credit or a loan, but do so in moderation. If you do not seek to borrow money for a period of years, your financial health may benefit, but your credit rating will not improve. By using limited credit responsibly, your score will likely go up.
  • Do not reach the spending limit of your credit cards - Your credit score is determined, in part, by the ratio of your outstanding credit to your available credit. If you have no available credit, your score may suffer considerably.

If you are seeking to restore your credit after bankruptcy, consult with a LaPlace bankruptcy lawyer who can provide you with knowledgeable support.

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Another effective way to restore your credit is to request corrections of any errors that may exist on your credit report. Such errors can lower your overall score, especially if those errors include the listing of debts which have already been discharged in your bankruptcy. At Bacchus Law Group, LLC, we have helped countless individuals regain financial health through the bankruptcy process and credit restoration techniques. If your credit report contains harmful errors, our attorneys can take action on your behalf to eliminate them.

If you have filed for bankruptcy, contact a LaPlace credit restoration attorney for help in restoring your credit rating. Our bankruptcy lawyer represents clients in Mandeville, Covington, and St. Tammany Parish.

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